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Gower massage…

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Before any treatment Nerys will complete a consultation form with you, including a skin analysis for facials.

During a Swedish massage a number of techniques will be used-

Effleurage- a long, stroking and soothing motion in the direction of the heart in order to open up your blood vessels, increasing blood flow. This means that your muscles are getting more nutrients/oxygen and that your body is removing toxins more efficiently.

Petrissage- lifting and kneading the muscles to stimulate the skin (including vascular and lymphatic responses, cellular functions and improving muscle tone).

Friction- firm, deep, circular rubbing movements to create heat and help bring relaxation to the muscles.

Tapotement- brisk, tapping or percussive movements to increase local blood circulation, which in turn, helps to warm and soften the underlying tissue. The skin will feel warm to the touch and appear flushed.

Hacking- a quick, consecutive chopping type movement to increase blood circulation, muscle elasticity and is used to stimulate the nerve endings of the muscle that can help prepare the client for exercise.

Cupping/Tapping- the tips of the fingers or the arched palms of the hands are gently used to tap/cup a small area of the body for a short period of time. This will create a low sound.

Nerys will adapt the pressure, routine and techniques according to the client’s needs and preferences so please inform her of your requirements.